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The Love Bet: What's In A Name

The Love Bet is a modern day Romeo & Juliet love story set in London, where all the cultures meet and often clash. This film explores identities, how people define us by them and how it can harm us as we grow up.

Dhruv is a young British-Indian cricketer who plays for a local cricket club where often personal aspirations take over team goals. He finds unexpected love in Grace, but his childhood heartbreak Rajiya lingers on in the present. Will love conquer all despite the prejudices?


The Invisible Enemy

Jay is a carefree young man who sticks to the rules - If he agrees with them. When the UK government responds to the Covid-19 pandemic by placing the entire country in lockdown, Jay and his girlfriend Stacy are forced to keep their distance. Jay is determined not to let the crisis stop his plans of surprising Stacy with something special for her 21st birthday.


The Love Bet (Short)

A young man sets eyes on and instantly falls in love with a beautiful girl. Sometime later, he catches sight of her again, by chance, and this time he tries to get her attention. Will he succeed in winning her over ? Some locals make a love bet.