About Us

About Us

Not your ordinary film production company; Flying Dreamz Productions practices outside-of-the-box idea generation and actualisation, bringing you the very best cutting-edge storytelling and indisputable talent.

Born in 2019, Flying Dreamz started as an innocent passion project by Manish and Bharti. They wanted their dreams to take flight in the film and media industry, and allow a different protagonist to take centre stage than what we’re used to in the UK. Their goal is to bring creative ideas and storytelling with a purpose to the forefront of an audience's attention and present opportunities to fresh and upcoming talent.

Recently Flying Dreamz Productions has released a feature film The Invisible Enemy: A Lockdown Love Story, which was entered and selected for 15 film festivals. Their strong entry into the film industry has rewarded them with awards for Best Music, Best Romantic Dramedy, Best International Feature, and many more!

This is just the beginning for us at FDP HQ, stay tuned for our exciting journey and expect to see us soon in a cinema near you!

Our Values

We are inclusive

We want to harbour a friendly and inviting community for everyone involved in our productions, with the freedom to express their creativity to its fullest potential. For any role within our team, we are open, honest, and ready to help with any skills we can contribute.

We cultivate innovation

Everything we do starts with honest discussion. We want everyone involved to thrive under no false pretence and to gain experience and understanding of what it is to work on our shared passion. Everyone here has validity, in their processes and their skillsets.

We are professionals

Sourcing and delivering the highest standards for our productions are always at the forefront, of our audiences' viewing, and our moral compass. How we present ourselves is central to how we make our work accessible to viewers.

We make things happen!

Nurturing talent

This value is truly at the pinnacle of our endeavours here at Flying Dreamz. Discovering and presenting fresh talent to the masses, and providing them with a platform to wholly express their skills for all to witness. It is important to us that everyone, from any background, can be allowed the space to showcase their talent and be given the opportunities they deserve.